HATHI finds its production homeland in central India, in the Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh. For most women in this region a simple sanitary pad is a luxury product. Instead of sanitary pads they are forced to use old cloth material and they will have to use the same piece over a long period of time. The washing of the material is not an easy task, as most of the houses have to walk a long way to get water and firewood to heat the water in order to be able to wash the material properly in hot water. This grievance leads to suffering and frequently to serious infections. HATHI makes a step towards improving this situation and provides at any given point of time sanitary pads at the workshop. The ladies can come and take them free of cost. All our products with the sign of the women are supporting this project with a share of the selling price.


Mother Nature has mastered the art of recycling, rearranging and adapting to the ever changing circumstances of life. In our production house we are trying to do justice to our presence in one of the world’s most beautiful nature reserves and live up to the high standards of respecting and caring for nature. We are trying to promote the beautiful artwork of the indigenous communities of Central India with our famous bedspreads and bags. Old sarees (traditional Indian clothing) are recycled and hand stitched in several layers until they connect to a thick and unique bedspread. The bedspreads are further processed to an inside-out bag or one of our big lifestyle bags. All our fabrics are soaked in water without any detergents prior to any sewing work in order to avoid shrinking and color fading issues of the final product. The used water gets accumulated in a soak pit and thereafter used for watering the organic kitchen garden. While cutting the fabric for further stitching work, we accumulate a lot of cut pieces in various sizes. These waste fabrics are used to make patchwork cushion covers and fillings. These cushions are donated to local communities and the forest guards living inside the core area of the Kanha National Park. A cushion surely is not essential to life but it’s nice to have something to rest your head on after a tiring day’s work instead of discarding it. Some of the cut pieces are used to make covers for our beautiful shawls. Every cover is unique and protects the fine material of the shawls even while you are traveling on rough terrain. We are making an effort everyday to adapt to the needs of our indigenous communities. A lot can be done with fabrics considered as waste. Today it is a pillow cover tomorrow we may be able to address clothing issues of children. Change is evident. Rearrange. Recycle. Adapt.


The indigenous people of Kanha have a lot of talents but only very few possibilities to earn a living with them. HATHI is providing apprenticeship and employment to the local community with a special focus on the employment of women. The ladies learn to work with the sewing machine and they can work their traditional needlework at our workshop or from home. The women not only gain social recognition but also financial independence without compromising their own health. All the products with the sign of the helping hand are hand made by our ladies at the workshop.